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Retirement Funds

1 Take Control of Your Own Retirement Funds.

It has been legal for you to have complete control of your own retirement funds since 1974!

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Tax Delinquent Properties

2When property owners failed to pay the delinquent property taxes on time, penalties and interest are assessed by the county according to state law. These penalties range from 8% to 36% annual interest. In many of the over 5000 property tax jurisdictions in the United States of America, investors are allowed to participate by purchasing from the local government what is known as a tax lien certificate. The local government gets their much-needed revenue from the investor and the investor is rewarded with the return of his principal and the penalties and interest mandated by law. Can you imagine how much better off you would be today if 10 years ago you had started making 18% per year, mandated by law, on your investment funds?



3The United States is becoming energy independent. New technology in the oil and gas industries is allowing new areas to be put into production in old, abandoned fields to be brought back to life.

Today a new generation of investors is going to make lots of money for a long period of time participating in the second grade American oil boom.

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Real Estate

4The real estate crash of 2008 – 2010 has created a fantastic window for savvy investors to pick up cash flowing properties at prices far below replacement costs and with high net cash returns, instant real equity and the possibility of large capital gains over the next 5 years.

If you are looking for ownership of cash flow houses or apartments to own for yourself or in your retirement plan we can help. If you want cash flow, ownership and experts to handle all aspects of the transactions with complete transparency, we have solutions for you.