About Steve Clements

800_4275_lowSteve Clements experience in real estate and investment spans over 30 years. He has owned and operated one of the largest real estate firms in southern Arizona, as well as a mortgage firm, securities brokerage and various partnerships that developed and invested in apartments and commercial buildings. Mr. Clements various ventures have led him to become knowledgeable in the tax delinquent properties market and the use of retirement funds to invest in ways that enhance returns and allow individuals to control their own retirement funds.

Given his extensive resume in property and finance Mr. Clements began speaking at various professional group meetings and conventions in the 1980’s and has literally shared his knowledge and investing strategies at conferences around the globe.

He is an exciting instructor whose investment workshops enable motivated people to learn and implement a great deal of detailed, usable information and strategies immediately. Audiences absorb his easy to understand techniques for jump starting or expanding their business, investing in real estate and accelerating the momentum of cash flow and putting together a profitable transaction.

Mr. Clements has been teaching business and investing techniques for over 25 years while utilizing his strategies in the real world. He has employed hundreds of people at his companies. His long and varied experience in finance, construction of homes and apartments, rehabilitation of commercial property, owning and managing shopping centers, syndication of large pools of investors and developing projects gives him a unique perspective on the markets today. Having lived through and profited from the last banking crisis in the 1980′s, Steve knows this is an even greater opportunity to make new fortunes, rebuild the shattered retirement dreams of too many Americans and secure the future of our children and grandchildren. Sharing his knowledge with motivated investors is a joy for both Steve and those who have had the pleasure of working with him and profiting from the relationship. He is an individual who truly enjoys helping others achieve success in whatever type of investment they choose and in opening their eyes to even greater opportunity.