TAX Delinquent Properties

PropertyTAXBriefly, state, county and local governments raise money to provide benefits and services via taxation. One type of taxation, is a tax on “real property.” Pursuant to state statutes, the owner of a parcel of real property is assessed a dollar amount to pay based on the value of that real property.

This tax, in virtually all cases, is collected by the county or the city or town where the property is located. If the owner of the property fails to pay the tax, the amount of the tax becomes a lien against the property. A lien against the property, however, does not help the county and local governments pay for the services and benefits they have promised to provide for their citizens.

The county needs the money now, not some time in the future. It needs that money in order to fulfill its budgetary obligations. By state statute, each county is authorized to collect the taxes due that remain unpaid by selling at public auction, either a Tax Lien Certificate or a Tax Deed or by selling liens unsold at an auction “over the counter” at the maximum rate permitted by law, which ranges from 8% to 36% per year.  Property owners are given between 4 months and 4 years to pay the taxes and penalties, depending on the law in that state.  If the property owner  fails to pay in that period of time, the lien holder (you) can foreclose and end up owning the property and clearing any mortgages on the property in the process.

Investing in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds is a very real way to achieve your financial goals and do it faster than you may have thought possible.

If you ask most people, you will find that very few of them even know that tax lien investing exists. It is not well publicized; banks and brokerage houses have no incentive to tell you about it; and most people who are doing it consider you competition. There are no commissions paid to brokers or advisors and your investment money goes directly to the local government who directly issues the tax lien certificate to you.

We at The Alchemist Guild have been investing in tax delinquent properties for decades and we offer the opportunity to teach you how to do it yourself at our live or internet based training courses. We also have properties or tax lien certificates in our portfolio that we offer for resale to interested investors.

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